Supposing you want to see me draw one of your ideas, or supposing you want to commission a piece from me (commissions start at $25 for a colored pencil 8 1/2" x 11" $50 for a colored pencil 11" x 14" or $75 for pastels and pencils -- and potentially markers and gauche -- on an 11" x 17").

The way I prefer to conduct business is through e-mail. I prefer this because I HATE telephones. Just thinking about the sound of a ringing telephone gives me ulcers. The number I'm providing here is for people who feel they just can't communicate without spoken language (it's nothing to be ashamed of, I guess). This is simply a home number (I don't have a cell phone, and that should not surprise you), if I'm not home, you can leave a message: (314) 868 9529.

My e-mail address is:

Earthlink has some rather aggressive spam filters. If I don't correspond with you right now, odds are, my filters are going to think you're spam. But I do weed out the stuff that gets caught in the trap regularly, looking for stuff that wound up there by mistake. If you want to be seen, use a subject line that mentions my name or "art". Don't use the word "please", or anything sex-related. You may think I enjoy the proliferation of smut which is so readily available through the internet, but I don't.
Hey! That's me and my beautiful family! It's an old picture of us, but it'll do. We look happy, and the early childhood development trauma looks like the furthest thing from our minds. We were on our way to the Washington, MO Fine Art & Wine Festival. A festival, which, like all good things, has been ruined by money.

A word about me: I'm what I would describe as a semi-talented, unfocused slacker who likes to think of himself as some sort of writer/artist. In fact, I guess, since I make my living at that, I guess I am a writer/artist!